Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lightness of Being on The Bike

A blog is born from a spontaneous idea of  preserving a euphoric feeling - celebrating fear being overcome!

Watch this page for the chronicles of how biking has helped weather chronic anxiety attacks and keep one's mental health balanced and stable.

What do you fear, and how are you coping?  Are you taking steps to overocome them?

Join me in my biking experience, I would love to inspire, and be inspired!


  1. Hi! Came over from your other blog (and from ICLW). I'm following your other blog under my IF profile, but have decided to link your "bike" blog to my "bike" blog and bike profile. Look forward to hear more about your biking adventures.

  2. Hello, SurlyGirl!

    I was just over your blog "It's Definitely Possible" and I had goosebumps reading your journey through life; you are very inspiring.

    Also, I find it awesome that you are the first to comment here, since you are passionate with bikes, someone I could learn and be inspired from. I take it as a wonderful sign, that I am on the right path.

    Thank you for my sign :) and thank you for taking time to comment!

    Happy ICLW!


  3. Happy ICLW! Your blog sounds like it will be a lovely journey for you and your readers. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Great idea for a blog! I love biking and hope to get back into it.


  5. Thanks, Brenna! Happy ICLW, to you too!

    I meant to post here today but I decided because of family schedule to do some of my catching up tomorrow.

    You could also find me in My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands , where I blog daily for my 365 project.

    Going to stop over your blog now! See you in a bit. :)

    And thanks again for dropping by!


  6. Thank you for dropping by, C!

    One of the motivation to create this blog is for me not to lose my motivation in biking. In my humble opinion, just with any endevour in life, journaling about it makes it more a deeper experience, and creates a more deeper connection to it.

    I hope you can be a part of my journey, as I hope I can be a part of your journey on being back on the saddle!