Monday, May 23, 2011


10th of January, 2011 ~ one of the self-portraits for my 365 project, with my bike on it

Posting a quick hello, and a link to my other blog, My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands, where I blog daily as part of my various ongoing 365 projects.

One could say, that that blog is the mother to this blog page, and nurturer of the idea, that biking sets you free from anxiety.

I have been blogging anonymously about my battles with manic-depression, anxiety attacks, and many major transitions in life since 2006, and at the beginning of this year, I felt myself strong enough to commit to a year long daily blogging project, which I am sharing not only to family and friends, but also to the world at large.

Writing is healing - my mantra that gave me strength to do baby steps in empowering myself, recapturing the essense of the strong person, that I felt from within but could not seem to get out from the paralysis I experienced time and time again in the past.  It liberated my mind to be ready not only to sit on the saddle of life with enthusiasm, but literally sit on the saddle of a bike once again.

On the picture of the collage above is myself on  Smidsbrug, a bridge we regularly bike on, and the right image is a Country Tour Sparta 2010 (my apologies that the link I can find for now is only in Dutch), my very first bike here in the Netherlands.  Hopefully in the coming days, I can share images of my very first bike in Germany.

Below, once again are the images from the collage this time shown individually.

There are more to share in the future posts; I hope you will ride along!

What about you, what was your very first bike as an adult?


  1. I had a bike as a child but not as an adult. I've been thinking about getting one because, with all my kids in school next fall, I would have time to ride.

    ICLW #6

  2. Hi, Kristin! Thanks for dropping by.

    With me it is the other way around, I did not have a bike as a child!

    Although I had a great bike in Germany, the very first bike I owned, this bike I have here in the Netherlands is my dream bike. I'll write more about it in my next post.

    It would be so lovely to read about your experience once you are back on the saddle again. Please do link me to a post, when you get around to it!

    BTW, this is my new blog, but if you are interested, you could find my daily post in
    My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands

    Happy ICLW!

    #25 & #140 ICLW

  3. What a serene picture of your bike! I love it! I look forward to reading about biking as therapy. Visiting from ICLW and your other blog.