Who is Paper?

Hi, my name is Joanna and Paper  has been my online nickname coined by longstanding blogging friends, who all have  accompanied me since I started my journey in the blogosphere. 

When I started to blog anonymously in September 2006, I created the username PAPERBACKWRITER, and in a short period, everyone started calling me paper ~.  A moniker, I came to love and in the end preferred using.

Yes, I made a lot of mistakes when I started blogging, one glaring fact is that I capitalized my username, not knowing then, that when I type words in capitals, it is tantamount to screaming when I do so online.

Between the time I screamed my name unknowingly in the internet, and the beginning of this year, when I finally started to fill the pages in my very own humble writing corner, with my musings, sharing it in the world wide web, I feel, that  have learned a lot, improved a lot and have grown a lot.

Still, I want to grow more,continue to  be inspired, and in the process perhaps inspire like I was inspired.  The latter being the strong motivation, and reason for the courage I acquired to begin this blog.

I hope to do so through thoughtful writing, soulful blogging , creatively expressing myself through different mediums, exchanging ideas with fellow bloggers, and the world at large.  Most importantly spreading love, hope and cheers.

originally posted in January 2011, @ My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands 13.01.12
*revisited, and slightly edited

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