Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D - Defeated?

I am feeling a wee bit defeated, and we are only by the letter D! Not even a quarter to the challenge!

Well, I have to admit, it's only logical specially since I am participating this year with not on but two other blogs for the AtoZ Challenge. With My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands, & Happy Feet in the Netherlands.

Today, I created a collage of races I will be running from the 9th of April to June, and the highlight running event for this year for me, the Berlin Marathon in September.

Happy Feet in the Netherlands
It's an image I would like to look at to calm and cheer me up at the same time. A kind of motivational running poster for myself.

The unedited image below, on the other hand is a "painful" and happy memory caught on camera.  I'll share the detailed story of this picture in the next days during this blogging event.

June, 2010
I had to revisit this image to remind myself, that I never give up, and for such effort, always rewarded!

The quote that went along to the story of the picture above was this:

I praise myself for big and little things. I am a wonderful being. I used to scold and criticize myself because I believed it would help me improve my life, yet criticism has not improved me over the years." - Louise L. Hay
Nope, not scolding myself for feeling defeated, or dragging the schedule to share the daily posts (for three blogs!).

Like how I mastered biking, I might have fallen a lot of times (and still do from time to time!) but I always get up and go back on the sandle, again.



  1. hello, stopping by from the A_Z challenge. Looking forward to reading more from this blog :)

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