Sunday, April 1, 2012

A - April Biking Challenge

Hello, fellow A to Z challenge bloggers, new readers & loyal friends! :)

This is my second year at participating in Blogging from A to Z April challenge.  Last year, I did through the mother blog of The Lightness of Being on the Bike, My Daily Mooosings of the Netherlands.

If you are curious you could check it here: my Blogs from A to Z April Challenge 2011.

I'm taking the opportunity of this blogging event to reintroduce the idea (and put it at the same time into action!)I had last year: 30 Days Biking Challenge

What could be more fun than biking & blogging about it, a whole month long  yes, 30 consecutive days!

This project is the first of many challenges that will be featured here in The Lightness of Being on the Bike.  The page is still currently in development but I thought it best to put it out there, share and let it be a work in progress,  than for it to remain a dormant idea.

I love biking and it has helped overcome my anxiety and panic attacks.  Once on the bike, I feel empowered, liberated and joyous.  The only draw back is when I stopped for a while, it becomes challenging to go back on the saddle.

This is how the first challenge - 30 Day Bike Challenge -for this blog came to life.  Also, almost all my projects are something I share and do with my partner, and our girls.

I would love for my family to spend a lot of time outdoors together; it will be wonderful for our three girls (11, 8, and 3 y.o.) to grow up to appreciate and respect Nature surrounding us.  It is also my wish for all of us in the family to have a deeper understanding of the history, language and culture of the Netherlands through our biking tours, and most of all find joy in the simple yet precious pleasures in life.

These are what I hope to document in the 30 Day Bike Challenge in June 2011 (and perhaps other months of the years to come!) - for lack of a better name for this project (I will have to think up another title during the course of the challenge or after it's completion, to be used for the next years ):

  • Family time together outdoors
  • Discovered new bike paths  around the area (through the woods, along the lakes and in the forest)
  • Images of scenic routes, monuments, historical places
  • Anecdotes about our talks regarding the places we visited and things we each learned during each bike tour
  • New words/phrases in Dutch, we learned through  each bike trips
  • On trips abroad, a quick comparison of biking cultures
  • Images of happiness, joy, appreciation for the Summer season, for the place we are blessed to be able to visit and our good healthy life, that enables us to enjoy all of it.
Here is wishing this challenge will inspire and perhaps next year it can be a blogging project for the community  here in the web! Come along for the ride and be a part of the journey!

originally posted, 21st of June 2011
updated 1st of April 2012


  1. This is a great idea! I am an avid cyclist - use my bike to go everywhere, it's my transportation. Good luck with your challenge!

  2. Beautiful shots of the country side and your biking adventure.

    i too love o ride my bike here in Canada around my city which is very bike friendly with many paths along the rivers and canals.

    Beat from the a to z challenge.