Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Biking in the Morning Rain

♡ Simple Pleasure in Spring: Biking in the morning rain, daydreaming...

and stopping on the way to save a moment of quiet bliss & utter gratefulness. 

There are many sad and terrible things happening in the world, and it´s a challenge to keep positive. Knowing there are a lot of good people, who strive to prevent and stop sad and terrible things from happening helps to keep one positive.

I consider it as a triumph to be alive and more importantly can feel alive - living and not only existing - in our modern times.  Free from fear for life and everything that encompasses life.

Fearless and having a complete lightness of being, an ideal state.  When everything feels in balance, Everything feels pure and honest. 

One knows that nothing lasts and that life is always pure of surprises and constant changes.  Sometimes, painful ones. Often,  changes, which at first glance are insurmountable, and will not be easy to overcome.  Changes, which pushes us out of our comfort zone.  In time one learns to appreciate the changes because in the end they show one, one's own courage and strong will.

We are all aware there are suffering, poverty, injustice near and far; peace & prosperity will constantly remain elusive for many. 

One will never be able to comprehend how life truly works, why it will not be the same for everyone at the same time...even if we all collectively try to work on it.

When, I was a little girl, and I would feel nervous about something utterly random (thoughts of war, sickness and poverty), I would sing in my head, a child song: ABC...

Simple, honest and pure...When one has learned one´s ABC, it is but one of the many baby steps towards learning to communicate ideas, feelings...and hope for better understanding with one another and perhaps better understanding of life.

Nothing has changed, now that I am in my 40's. I still recite my ABC in my head to get a grip of life, when I start asking the questions, `What is it all about...´

A Acceptance
B Balance
C Change

Acceptance, that I do not have full control of what life brings.  I could only try to keep a balance to fully enjoy the life I am given. Change is all present and inevitable.

In the end of reciting my adult version of my childhood ABC, I meditate on my favourite quote from Gandhi - a beautifully articulated toast to life - "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

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