Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ride the Rainbow 11/30

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This morning, as we were preparing to bike to school, it was raining too hard for my comfort.

Normally, as I have done in past years, I would ignore my bubbling panic attack, and put on our rain gear, and go against my better judgement, bike through the pouring rain.

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This school year though I am taking the liberty of calling the school if I feel that my anxiety level is too high, and simply inform them that we are coming a little bit later.

I've noticed that it has helped tremendously lessen my stress on a daily basis.  Although I still feel exhausted at the end of the day, as a result of dealing with various source and triggers of my anxiety I have to acknowledge that I'm getting better with dealing with my condition.

There is a beautiful pattern, that the more I follow my instincts i.e. acknowledging my anxiety, and not forcing myself to function like everyone else, things gets easier for me.

There is indeed a rainbow at the end of the rain!

Speaking of rainbow, when we finally were on our way to bike to school, I told the Littlest that there is a great chance that we will see one because the sun was shining.

I almost missed it though because my mind got busy as soon as we were biking.

Thanks to Littlest, I didn't!

She was the one who cried in delight, "Mommy, the rainbow!"

The rainbow was faint, and about to disappear; I was torn between stopping to take a picture of it, and just riding on to make sure that we are on time before her class officially starts.

But I guess it is obvious what we did! Who does not stop for a rainbow?! :)

And so went the 11th Bike Ride of the 30BikeRides Challenge!


When I am not running, I am biking through the seasons.

For those who are following the blog posts: 30 Bike Rides Challenge, I've written so far 3 blogs out of 30 in this series.

The pictures I upload @ Paper In Europe (in the FB album: 30BikeRides Challenge) are there to serve as my aid/guide later when I write all the posts and share the pictures of each bike ride.

No deadline for this bike ride blog series...only for fun, creativity and for posterity.

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