Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Once Upon A Sunny Morning in Ankeveen

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” 

Hello, Sun! Hello, Beautiful People Out there! :)

I dropped off our youngest at school, and 5 minutes later, I was on the familiar biking route on the way home.

There are, as usual, A LOT of chores waiting for me.

More so today because I ran a long distance  (Happy Feet in the Netherlands is training again for a marathon - this time, Rotterdam marathon!)  last Sunday, and needed to rest Monday - I did only the basics I could (and need to do):
school run,
do the groceries,
home office work (emails, blogs, bills etc),
clear up,
pick the girls up at school,
gave girls high tea,
clear up,
cook dinner for the family,
write (administrative work etc),
Mijn Liefste P time,
and off to bed!

In other words, I was not able to do A LOT of other things (you could check that "list" out in a future blog @My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands) to make sure our household will not be buried in chaos.

The beautiful weather, and my uplifted spirit made me stop midway though - on the road I used to fear.

It was the road, where I held fiercely onto the bike's handlebars for my dear life, every time we had to go through it.

It was in 2010 my morning, and everyday terror.

Yet, now 4 years later, the road I fear most, is the road that gives me  serenity before I face the daily chores,  that almost always threatens to dull my senses!

My shadow waves, "Hello!" 

I hope to follow this tree this year through out the four seasons

When I named this blog, "The Lightness of Being on the Bike" the inspiration for it came while I was riding the bike.  As I recognized what once hard for  me to do, was now so much lighter.   Conquering fears makes one truly feel lighter!

Even though I was scared of falling, or I was unsure if I can react fast enough to certain situations on the road, I did not give up, and kept on pedaling each and every day in our new home here in Holland for four  focus and determined years.

I conquered this road, and learned to love it, even if occasionally, when I have my depressive cycles, anxiety and panic attacks, my old fears still comes back haunting me.

Frodo (my bike) and I have changed through the seasons.  He is a bit weathered and I am now, a proud seasoned bike commuter. :)

Frodo February, 2015

Frodo,  2013

Have you read my last blogpost : "Frodo Turns 4 & Littlest On the Bike" ?

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