Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Bike Challenge - Day 2 (Naarden Vesting)

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What a bike trip!

Naarden Vesting needs a whole day to be savoured. I need to note that here because I keep forgetting that we need more time, and a full battery for the camera (not one that is almost empty and manically blinking red!lol).

Also, as much as the girls are a joy to photograph and be with, if I would like to have more peace to take in the athmosphere, we need to have multiple visits with them to Naarden Vesting and another multiple visit with P and another set of visits by myself.

 The days have been frenetically passing by, that I need to take time tomorrow and write about how I will be sharing experiences of the next 30 days, that the project will be enriching rather than overwhelming.

Also, I will be deviating from my initial plan of posting one blog daily, for at least the time being until I can organize how to structure the blog posts together with the bike trips, not to mention our daily regular life!

This means that post will in some cases not be appearing in chronological order.  For example, I still need to post about Day 1 (Part 2), and that might be tomorrow or the day after.  What I would like to do is post at least daily a photoblog highlighting the day of our/my bike trip with a short text about the main impression of the day.  I am also thinking at this point that each day of the challenge can, will and might have multiple posts.

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