Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Day Bike Challenge - Day 3 (Thoughts On Our Way to Germany)

image from Day 2 - going to Naarden Vesting

As I write this post, I am looking around at the chaos in our flat, that I need to quickly clear. Then, pack two travel bags for our long weekend in Germany.

We will be bringing the girls  to Hamburg, where they will continue to travel by ICE to  Thuringia,  to spend the weekend with their Oma H and Papi K, while P and I will stay in our old flat in Eppendorf.

Tonight, depending on how this early evening goes, I'll probably will take the bike for a short spin around the village to fulfill the day's ride pensum.

After yesterday, I realised I am as usual creating my own stress with a personal project, which I came up with to remind me daily to appreciate the simple life, and it's rewards.

There is definitely no reason to put pressure on myself to write in details with "spectacular action pictures" of  how each day goes, when there is no time and peace for it .  A couple of sentence describing the essence of the day should be sufficient enough; I learned this lesson through blogging in My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands and I should definitely remind myself most strongly to put it to use in this blog page.

It is all about what one learns along the journey, and not letting one self be ruled by the journey itself!

Blogging about the projects I feel passionate about,  and experience with P, and our girls, which we later share with family and friends far away, and  near, help me focus on what is most important in life.  Daily grind can stump one's sense of appreciation for what is just in front of our nose if we do not learn to "move ourselves" and  change the perspective of how we see them.  Biking is how I move to be calm, have clarity and joy.

With all this in mind, I am drafting post to be published at a scheduled time in the next couple of days i.e. pre-writing and scheduling when it is published.  At least for the days we travel to and fro Germany.  I will simply update if what I planned to do on the particular posts I will be pre-writing, is what we actually did. I hope I made sense, otherwise, you will all find out as the days go along!

Happy cycling, and happy weekend, everyone!

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